Birdchain app is a blockchain-based project. It allows its users to earn cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks, follow their balance, and withdraw the earnings. 
The team of started working with Birdchain at a very early stage and continue supporting the team. 
-      We successfully managed the funding campaign (ICO) during very harsh market conditions. We are responsible for the strategic and tactical implementation of the campaign: PR, marketing, designs, videos, live broadcasts, community-building, involving influencers, and many other activities.
-      Our team developed the token, smart contracts, burned tokens, and took all other blockchain-related actions required for successful ICO.
-      Developed UX/UI for the app.
-      Developed app features that were chosen by the Birdchain team: registration, content display, token distribution, referral system, history, learn tab, withdrawal, scoreboard, profile editing, and others.
-      Developed web app for advertisers and content creators according to the requirements of the client: campaign launch, targeting, campaign reports, statistics, token deposit, and many others.
-      Developed admin panel.
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